Every skin type has been naturally infused with unique beauty. The traditional skin secrets have been passed from generation to generation and our elderly people have been saved it for us and we are going to provide to the next generation. So, here are a few natural and effective beauty tips for three different skin types.

BEAUTY TIP FOR DRY SKIN: Most people complain about their skin is dry and so here is a natural remedy to treat the dry skin. The foremost thing is to do exfoliation when it comes to dry skin. While you are done with the exfoliation, your skin would need moisture and hydration. Then nourish your skin with the face pack which is made of mashed ripe avocado and ripe banana as they would do wonder for your dry skin.

BEAUTY TIP FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: When it comes to sensitive skin, you need to take extra care and ensure to make it routine. Try to exfoliate your skin 3 to 4 times a week and not every day. You could use the natural mask for your sensitive skin with Multani mitti and rose water and a pinch of turmeric and 1 tbsp of besan or wheat flour. Also, you could mint masks by preparing a fresh mint leaves paste which would be the best for sensitive skin. Above all, you should get enough sleep and stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet as well.

BEAUTY TIP FOR OILY SKIN: Well, people with oily skin could nourish your skin with an egg beaten up with soaked and ground oats and use it as a face pack to alleviate excessive oiliness. On the other hand, you could use raw milk as a cleanser with cotton balls on to oily skin. Essentially, you should wash your face with oil removing face wash and use it at least thrice a day. However, you have to keep tissues with you and freshener to prevent dirt on your skin. Whatever your skin type is, just stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet.