Fairer skin is something everyone would dream of. To get a lighter skin tone and flawless skin is an everyday challenging task. There are fairness creams available in the markets containing harsh chemicals. These chemicals in the long run spoil the skin complexion. Your skin color is determined by melanin substance and it occurs naturally in your skin. The skin tan can cause due to UV rays of the sun that enhances the production of melanin. To retain the natural skin tone bringing a fair touch is very well achieved by following some home remedies.

Turmeric  РTurmeric is well known for its antiseptic property. The paste of turmeric can be applied over the face to get an even skin tone. It is used in many ayurvedic skin care products for its medicinal value. One of the readily available ingredients for your face pack. It improves skin elasticity and keeps away skin infections.


Milk – Milk has natural enzymes that help to lighten your skin complexion. Drinking milk or applying a face pack can bring effective results in lightening your skin. It makes your silk soft and acts as a cleanser in removing dirt from your skin. Use milk cream or add honey to improve its consistency and apply it to your face.

Egg White – Beat Egg white and add with olive oil or lemon juice to get rid of unpleasant smell. Apply this mixture to your face, you can experience an immediate glow to your skin. The nutrients in egg white can nourish your skin giving a soothing effect. To a get fairer complexion then repeat this ingredient.

Rose Water – Rose water is good for any skin type. Instead of adding water to your face pack use rose water for a soothing effect. It removes skin irritation and brightens your skin tone. Sprinkle rose water in any face pack to lighten your skin tone and to add a refreshing feel.

Lemon – Lemon has an excellent antioxidant property also deals with lightning the skin. The skin bleaching property can eliminate dark spots, pigmentation, and blemishes to a greater extent. It works best for tanned skin as the juice of lemon contains the necessary nutrients to take care of your skin. The juice can be applied directly to the affected areas, repeated process can show better results.

Tomatoes  РThe element lycopene present in tomatoes helps in the process of getting a fairer look. It can easily reduce black spots and skin pigmentation. Tomatoes are the best choice to achieve fairer skin. It works well in removing skin tan and dead cells. Grind the vegetable and add few drops of lemon juice to show amazing results.