Keeping fresh throughout the day with a good fragrance can boost your confidence as well as give you a refreshing mood. The usage of perfumes started centuries ago on the note to stay away from bad odor. Scents and perfumes are available in various brands in the market but it is better to know which works best for the skin. There are some tips to feel the natural fresh smell all day without perfume is well said in this article

Spray Perfume on your Hairbrush – To make your hair smell good then spray perfume on your hairbrush. Do not use perfume or scent directly to your hair. This can spoil the root of your hair and makes it brittle. Using a scented hairbrush on the hair gives a pleasant smell with less chemical impact.

Spray on Bare Torso – To show the real fragrance when someone in contact with you is achieved by spraying scent on your torso. It makes your whole body smell good and helps to dissipate the fragrance

Consume more Water – Your body emits a bad odor due to certain food items or some digestion problem. Drinking water can flush the toxins easily and enhances the digestion process. It can strongly diminish the smell of garlic, onion, or any eatables breath. Water not only hydrates but also gives a fresh smell.

Apply scent early – When you go out for work or shopping, apply scent /perfume much before you step out. The perfume has to dry and get settled in your body. The effect of scent would last for long without being ripped off by air or wind.

Eliminate Shoe Stench – Spray can be used for your shoes to expel bad odor. During summer we tend to sweat a lot, your socks and shoes remain in sweat for a longer time. To have a pleasant smell then apply the spray to your shoes. It really favors most athletes in getting rid of pungent feet.

Use Scented Sachet for Innerwear – We use perfume sachet in wardrobes to give fragrance to your clothes. Add the same to your innerwear section to eliminate the unpleasant smell. It really works for athletes who use compression shorts and bras, this can retain the fragrance for longer hours.

Go for Quality Soap – Germs are the cause of body odor. We take bath to get a fresh feel as well as to diminish the bad odor. There are some soaps that can boost the smell and keeps away germs. Select a quality soap that contains natural oil/scents exhibiting fragrance for a longer time.

Try Body Oil – Smear oil all over the body before taking bath. The oil can give a glow to your skin as well as removes bad odor. The natural fragrance of the oil penetrates into your skin giving a fresh smell throughout the day.