We come across various shampoo for hair wash based on the hair texture but Shikakai stands best for its natural ingredients. For centuries people use Shikakai for body and hair. It comes with numerous nutrients and antioxidant that is required for hair growth. It can strengthen the hair follicles and ensure fast hair growth. Here are some more benefits of this amazing Shikakai presented in this article.

Prevents Gray Hair – The active ingredient such as amla, rose petals, soap nut, and Shikakai can stop the greying of hair. It can maintain the original hair color on the regular wash. If you have applied hair dye then washing with Shikakai can make the hair dye stay longer.

Eliminates hair lice – Shikakai is a good remedy to be free from hair lice problems. Hair lice irritate and embarrass you in the crowd. It gives a continuous itchy feeling and makes you scratch your head often. It also spreads from person to person so easily. Shikakai contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that can easily act on lice and kills.

Treats minor wounds – Shikakai paste can heal the minor cuts or bruises on your scalp. The scalp is one sensitive part of your body that cannot be handled by shampoo or any lotion as it contains chemicals. The paste can heal the bruises much faster with its effective vitamins and minerals.

Prevents Hair fall and Adds Volume – Shikakai with its essential nutrients can very well prevent hair fall problems. Applying Shikakai can reduce your stress level and relaxes your mind. It gives volume to your hair and reduces hair brittleness.

Alleviates Dandruff – It is packed with excellent antibacterial, antifungal properties that can easily ward of dandruff problems. Use the correct mixture of herbs and give a hair wash regularly to completely eliminate white flakes on the scalp.

Economical and Healthy – There are no chemical elements added in Shikakai paste. It contains all-natural products that promote healthy and strong hair growth.

Relieves from detangling hair – Apply Shikakai paste on your hair and gently unlock the tangled hair. This way it helps and gives a smooth texture to your hair.

Retains hair color – Shikakai paste absorbs hair dye effectively. The ingredients present in the paste can ensure maintaining the color of the hair.