Eye wrinkles are shown around your eyes naturally as we get older. The collagen in the skin is required to show how healthy your skin is. As we age your skin loses collagen and the veins are shown through the skin. The skin under your eyes is thin and delicate, any strain in your eyes are reflected in the skin showing lines or wrinkles. Proper nourishment to the skin can actually postpone the wrinkle problem. This means your skin needs proper care, avoid too much exposure to the sun, and adequate rest to avoid premature aging. Here are some tips to wipe off the undereye wrinkle problem.

Cucumber prevents puffy eyes – Cucumber promotes good blood flow around your eyes. It is packed with a lot of antioxidants that improve collagen production and tightens the skin. It can ward off dark and puffy eyes.

Yogurt as Moisturiser – Yoghurt can cleanse your skin. It removes dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new cells. The alpha-hydroxy acids present in Yoghurt exfoliates your skin. It gives clear skin and enhances the growth of new tissues

Aloe Vera Face Pack – It is a natural coolant and loaded with Vitamins E and C and beta-carotene. The moisturizing effect of Aloe Vera prevents your skin from drying. It induces nourishing properties that protect from wrinkles and retain soft skin.

Carrot rich in Vitamin A – Carrot contains abundant nutrients for your overall health. It nourishes your skin with its antioxidant and Vitamin A. It can be added in packs to improve your skin texture and prevent wrinkles.

Castor Oil improves elasticity – The nutrients and hydrating properties of this oil promote collagen production. It improves skin elasticity and makes you wrinkle-free. The stickiness of this oil induces moisture that tightens your skin.

Avocado Boost skin tone – Avocado is best for your skin as it is high in Vitamins A and E.Builds skin health on continuous usage of avocado in face packs.

Massage with Olive Oil – Olive oil is power-packed with antioxidants, Vitamin K, and E that is effective for the skin. The oil penetrates your skin and increases collagen production. It can easily ward off eye wrinkles on a regular massage with this oil.

Banana alleviates aging factor – Banana can be consumed as a fruit or applied as a face mask to attain its nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, and E. It also helps in retaining moisture in your skin and keeps away blemishes.