Invertonomics is a book of ideas presenting pragmatic models for solving chronic problems of the country arising from the spectrum of Social Inequality, Pollution, Gender disparity, and the Decadent Rural Economy. The book dissects 8 specific problems amongst the most pressing issues of the country using a methodology coined by the author as ‘Invertonomics’ – a model that Invert problems into economic opportunities. Through this framework it analyses the causes of the problem, government policies formulated to resolve them, highlights the gaps within existing systems, and then systematically resolves the problem by redefining it.

The post-colonization era laid a foundation of turmoil involving social, economic, and physical development in India. There was an overwhelming desire to match footsteps with the western cities while the need to borrow elements from the native milieu was fading. In the wake of this process, urbanization took root separating the country into 2 co-existing fabrics composed of urban cities and rural villages. A significant migration was observed from rural pockets to the expanding cities brewing with new work opportunities and infrastructure. This became a springboard for a complex set of problems from traffic congestion to pollution to unequal access to resources. The lack of education and the rural-urban disparity is at the core of all the problems.

By sharing a vision for ‘New India’ Invertonomics provides a promising way forward to achieve the goal. It aims to initiate a colloquy on solutions and unify the citizens of India to work in unison with the Governance for building a prosperous future for the country.

A dream is being put forth through this book, which envisions a Great India with a high index of inclusivity. An inspired ethical and empowered India that is effectively able to surmount its challenge. Quite literally this is a breakthrough methodology that ‘Inverts problems into Economic opportunities’. It brings all stakeholders together and binds them into physical and financial ecosystems wherein individuals’ action begins to align with the collective good. This collective action sets in motion great spirals of positive transformation at the level of communities, cities, and eventually as a nation. This book focuses on creating models that engage with citizens to solve problems. These ideas and methodology can also be used to solve similar problems globally, especially in emerging economies. Some of these ideas have been shared with State Governments and municipalities and have met with an optimistic response. Eventually, all solutions will be judged by success in the people’s court and the fruits of these transformative ideas shall be reaped by the Citizens of India.

‘Invertonomics’ promises to ‘change the pace of change’. It is going to ensure that India’s tryst with greatness happens in this lifetimes. To accomplish this, the Invertonomics Foundation for India is committed to solving India’s chronic problems, bringing together superlative intellectual house power, domain expertise & real-world administrative experience to propose Idealistic, inclusive & pragmatic ideas for India. Aiming to translate these transformative ideas into policies that could, in turn, be channeled into implementable schemes by the governing bodies, the Invertonomics Foundation for India consists of eminent personalities like Navin Chawla, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India; Brig. HPS Bedi, Indian Army Veteran, and many others.

The book is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

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