A relationship is all about love, trust, and togetherness while facing the ups and downs of life by holding each other’s hands. In a relationship, there would also be arguments, fights, and anger. But still, you have to overcome instead of destroying your relationship. So, when your partner is angry, just try to handle him or her with a better strategy instead of arguing back.

TRY TO PRACTICE PATIENCE AND COMPASSION: When your partner is angry, it is associated with deeper and vulnerable emotions such as fear, sadness, or pain. This would in turn make your partner feel powerful and in control. Here is where you have to be patient and compassionate towards your partner instead of blaming and accusing.

TRY TO COMMUNICATE AND UNDERSTAND: Well, angry rises in an individual when they are not being heard or appreciated or taken seriously. And so, they feel disappointed and ignored. This is why your partner gets angry. In this situation, you should never add fuel to the fire, instead, you should listen to your partner until your partner feels heard and understood. Just try to understand your partner’s deep feelings that are hidden behind the angry face.

TRY TO BE ASSERTIVE AND RESPECTFUL: When you try to be assertive, you could express your wishes and wants directly while considering your partner’s feelings and wants. You have to be both assertive and respectful because it would make you confident, honest, and open. At the same time, being assertively respect would empower your partner to take their share of responsibility.

OPEN UP WHEN YOUR PARTNER IS CALM: When your partner is angry, try to understand that it is not the perfect time to put forth your issues. So, you have to give time for the negative energy to settle and let it go off. When you and your partner are calm and relaxed, you could now address your issue which led to your partner’s angry behavior. As of now, they could listen to you and understand you better. So, try to calm even if you are angry.