“ Early to Bed and Early to Rise” is a saying by our grandparents to have a fresh start to the day. Follow this routine can keep you healthy and brisk throughout the day. Some people basically feel so tried even after bed, there could be various reasons, you can self evaluate your habits and modify your lifestyle accordingly.

Quality Sleep – Sleeping for 7 to 9 hours is considered quality sleep. When it is less than 7 hours you are risking your health and may invite disorders that include low immunity, increased accidents, heart problems, and weight gain. Do not extend more than nine hours of sleep that would result in headaches, obesity, etc. To get quality sleep one has to have a watch on the food intake for dinner. There should be a gap for 2-3 hours between dinner and bedtime.

Keep Fit – Exercise not only builds your body but also keeps you active the entire day. Seeing the sunrise every morning and doing some asanas can bring your mind and inner soul together. Even though you miss out on the regular sleeping hours the exercise can revitalize your body. Being on track of regular exercise with proper sleep can you keep away from hazards.

Stay Well Hydrated – Going to bed even slightly dehydrated can bother your sleep. It causes dry mouth and the nasal passages become dry, leading to sleep deprivation and strained throat in the morning.

Follow Protein Diet – Have food rich in proteins or carbs that can make you bear away sluggishness. Enjoy your breakfast with complete food includes eggs, idli, peanut smeared wheat bread, dosa. Protein-based foods repair the body and build tissues. Protein takes a longer time for digestion than carbohydrates, providing fuel for longer hours to make you feel energetic.

Boost your Energy – Keep your mind engaged in some activity that gives pleasure. Remove unwanted thoughts like hatred, grudges, ego, envy on anyone which sucks most of your energy that make you feel weak, and leads to mental tiredness. Laugh is one way to release your stress, stimulates the inner organs to function actively.