Donating blood is a service to mankind at the same time giving a new life to you. Raktdaan or Blood donation gives a feeling of satisfaction as you give new life to someone you lack blood in their body due to health ailments. Let us come out of the delusion that donating blood can make you weak or anemic. It has a lot of personal benefits too apart from considering as a social service. There are various health benefits associated with donating blood. Read this article fully on the benefits of donating blood.

Reduces hemochromatosis problem – Blood carries iron content throughout your body. Any minerals in moderation are good for your health. When it goes in excess the function of the heart and liver organs is affected. Hemochromatosis is a disorder that affects people with more iron content. With this disorder, donating blood can relieve this problem.

The body gets Detoxified – There are foods act as a detoxifier, it flushes the harmful toxins from your body. Blood donation also performs the same job. It generates new blood cells to fight against the harmful virus that attacks your body. It is safe to donate blood and does not make you anemic.

Great Contribution to the community – Blood donation becomes a social service and brings a lot of awareness to people through hoarding, advertisement through media, and camps. If you donate one unit of blood can save 3-4 lives. This brings a sense of commitment and service to society.

Lowers the risk of cardiovascular problems – Donating blood can reduce the risk of heart-related ailments. If you are a regular blood donor then excess iron in your body is well taken care of. It reduces the iron content in your body by donating blood. It regulates the iron content and keeps away heart attacks.

Eliminates the risk of cancer – The rejuvenation of cells happens in blood donation. It improves your immune function and generates new blood. It brings down the risk of cancer problems as it stops the growth of cancerous cells.

Weight management is well achieved – You have come across various methods for weight management but donating blood twice a year can help in weight loss. The excess fat is removed from the blood and makes you feel light.