Fever is a symptom that stays for 4-5 days normally. Extending more than a week requires serious medications. People with more immunity can easily fight the germs and get back to normal much faster. It is necessary to build a powerful immune system by increasing the level of nutrients in our body. Vitamins and mineral-rich foods can protect our body against harmful pathogens. Here are some home remedies to bring down the temperature quickly and make you feel normal in no time.

Do Sponge Bath – Coldwater Sponge bath is effective especially for children to lower the temperature quickly. When the temperature of the body goes high you start to shiver. Do cold water sponging everywhere on your body to bring down the temperature and take paracetamol to reduce fever. Use a soft cloth wrapped with ice cubes or dipped in cold water. Press the cloth on the forehead, underarms, and thigh joints. Repeat this process until the temperature reduces significantly within 20-30 minutes.

Bath in lukewarm water – The best way to reduce temperature for babies is by bathing them in lukewarm water. Pour lukewarm water on their body or place them in a bathtub. It makes them feel comfortable and also aids in bringing down the temperature.

Moringa Leaf – Moringa leaf contains polyphenol that reduces fever significantly. It can fight against pathogenic bacteria. Moringa leaf water can be administered to babies above 2 years. Studies have proved that Moringa leaf water is safe and the best remedy for fever in toddlers.

Tulsi – Tulsi belongs to the herb family and is considered to be best for mild fever. It is good for sore throat, cold and cough can be taken at the treated. It can prevent infection so easily with its antiviral properties. Drink tulsi water with honey and ginger for better relief.

Herbal Rasam – The best way to reduce fever is by drinking rasam or rasam added with rice. Rasam is one ingredient found in South Indian meals. It is made out of turmeric, ginger, garlic, and tamarind pulp. Each of the ingredients contributes to its nutritional value. The antioxidant property in these items can easily kill germs.

Rest – Adequate rest can do the healing process much faster. When you are sick your body demands rest. Sleeping can help to save your energy and build a proper immune system.

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