Your body suffers a variety of inflammation and pain due to various reasons. One of the most depressing problems that occur in your kidney is the formation of stones. The crystal-like stones stick inside the kidneys and prevent the flow of urine. The formation of kidney stones can be due to genetic problems, diet, or lifestyle problems. It is necessary to take special care of your diet and the type of food you consume. The excessive intake of calcium oxalate in the body stops the excretion of urine. Avoid certain foods that can aggravate the stone formation in the kidney. Read this article completely to know the type of foods to get rid of kidney stone formation.

Potatoes And Sweet Potatoes – The most favorite vegetable of all ages and a high source of potassium that prevents heart problems. Your body does not accept a high level of potassium that may lead to stone formation. If you are already a victim of kidney stones then eating this vegetable can put you at risk.

Swiss Chard – Swiss chard is high in nutritional value that prevents serious ailments such as cancer, heart, and blood pressure problems. The presence of  Vitamin K takes care of such chronic diseases. They also record-high levels of anti-nutritive oxalates that prevent the excretion of urine through the kidney.

Spinach – Spinach is rich in a variety of nutrients that induces necessary immunity to battle the toxins. It is the most preferred and readily available vegetables around you. This food can cause kidney stones as the vegetable produces oxalic acid. Avoid this food or eat in moderation to lessen the problem.

Beets – The vegetable that can supply enough iron, proteins, potassium, etc is attractive in its appearance and taste sweet. The vegetable records high in oxalate which is quite dangerous for your kidneys. The risk of stone formation is high in this vegetable.

Okra/Lady’sFinger – As any other vegetable lady’s finger is no way less in nutrients. It can supply enough nutrients required normal functioning of your metabolism. Okra is connected with stone formation as it is high in oxalate. Those who suffer from kidney stone problems can avoid this vegetable.

Collard Greens – Collard greens are also high in oxalate and not a great food for kidney stone sufferers. This can aggravate the stone formation in the kidney.

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