Buttermilk is one of our traditional drinks that usually taken at the end of the meal to keep our body cool. This drink helps to battle dehydration and fatigue after a long day under the sun. Watered curd can be added with ginger, coriander leaves, jeera, curry leaves, and asafoetida to have a  healthy day. All these ingredients together do miraculous things in our bodies.

Removes Fat – If you have a heavy meal with more spices and oil, feel so heavy and lazy to move, buttermilk is the right choice which can easily flush out excess oil and keeps the body cool. Mainly it extracts fat, ghee, oil contents from our body and expels it out.

Fights Cholesterol – It reduces cholesterol as it contains low-fat content. It is advisable to have buttermilk every day to maintain good cholesterol levels.

Helps in Digestion – Buttermilk added with jeera, Ginger, and pepper solves the indigestion problem. Buttermilk can build healthy bacteria in the stomach that helps the digestion process.

Rich in Calcium – Lack of calcium leads to bone weakness, dental problems, osteoporosis, muscle cramps, brittle nails, laziness. Many would go to a doctor for calcium pills not knowing there is a home remedy for this. Drinking buttermilk is the best way to come out of these adverse effects.

Prevents Dehydration – It is composed of 90% electrolytes, water, and potassium which keeps you hydrated. Especially during the summer season, buttermilk is the preferred drink to give us enough nutrients, prevent dehydration, and stay energetic throughout the day.

How Bacteria works in buttermilk – Bacteria present in buttermilk works well in our body to fight against external bacteria and viruses. It contains probiotic bacterias which also helps in reducing blood pressure.

Relieves Acidity: Pepper and ginger added to the buttermilk helps beat the burning sensation in the stomach.