Managing diabetes is an essential thing to lead a healthy life. You could balance your blood sugar level by indulging in exercises, eating right, and proper medication as well. However, certain foods could sound healthy but they are actually creating devastation on your blood sugar and overall health. So, you have to avoid certain downright foods if in case you are suffering from diabetes.

WHITE BREAD: Though you are allowed to have bread, you are asked to avoid white types of bread. This is because they are refined grain and not whole grain. When you consume these white slices of bread, it could directly increase the blood-sugar level as they are high in the glycemic index.

FRENCH FRIES: You do not have to avoid french fries just because it is prepared from potatoes but because,  how they are prepared and how much you intake. Well, fried foods are actually high in carbs and fat which is a no-good combination for diabetics. It would thus hike up the blood sugar level quickly and keep it for a longer time as the fat takes its time to digest.

ORANGE JUICE: Since it is filled with vitamin C, the fruit is considered to be amazing for your health. Howbeit, the fruit juice is loaded with sugar and nullified with nutrients such as fiber or protein which help in slowing down the sugar spike. Further, the sweetness in juice is due to the presence of fructose which is a type of sugar, has been linked with the development of belly fat.

POPCORN: While you might think that corn is the fundamental ingredient, it is high in glycemic and it also added with artificial butter topping, caramel sauce, and other unhealthy items as well. This is why you are advised to remove this from your diet.

HONEY: You might consider honey to be filled with natural things and so it could be added to your diet. But you should never forget about pure fructose which is a type of sugar, being present in honey. This would in turn increase the blood sugar.

POTATO CHIPS: Potato chips are famous and are one of the addictive junk foods. They are crushed, soaked in fat, and packed with salt. This would make them an unhealthy intake for diabetics as they contain a carb and fat which toll up your blood sugar level.

DRIED FRUIT: This comes as a surprise for you. When it comes to real fruits, it would inhabit nutrients such as water and fiber which make you feel full. But when it comes to dried fruits such as raisins and dates, it would contain carbs and has impacts on your health.