Quinoa belongs to a grain family and said to be the powerhouse of all nutrients. It is packed with nine amino acids, vitamin E, potassium, phosphorous, iron, and fiber. Naturally gluten-free it is the world’s most popular multicolored and traditional grain. It can be taken as an alternative for rice following the same cooking process. Quinoa can be consumed to show benefits for your gastrointestinal systems, cardiovascular, and metabolic systems. Learn more facts about this amazing grain in this article.

Reduces Weight – The grain is rich in dietary fiber that helps in slowing down the release of glucose to the bloodstream. It reduces hunger pangs and keeps you full for longer hours. The fiber also reduces cholesterol levels and fat absorption. Regular intake of this grain can aid in burning your calories and improving stamina.

Energy Booster – Your body requires energy to perform any activity. Quinoa grain is high in carbs, fiber, and protein which is sufficient to provide enough energy. The carbs in the grain are digested slowly that helps in retaining stamina in your body. Quinoa supplies its complete nutrients which other grain fails to do.

Rich in Proteins – Quinoa has an exceptional composition of proteins and fiber that aids in proper digestion. Its high amount of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, etc shows its richness in nutrients as well as in resolving digestion problems. It can resolve due to nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting problems. The fiber content in this grain keeps the constipation problem at bay.

Improves Gut Health – Good bacteria can aid in improving the digestion process. Quinoa has a good amount of prebiotics that helps in the growth of good bacteria promoting gut health. The gut bacteria can affect your hormone, mood, and body weight. Consume quinoa to revitalize the digestion process with its enormous nutrients.

High in antioxidant – The antioxidant property of quinoa can fight against oxidative stress. This helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

Prevents Cancer -The elements quercetin, kaempferol, and genistein present in Quinoa prevent the growth of cancer cells. The anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer found in this grain can stop the development of tumors.