While we are busily engaged in nourishing our face and other parts of the body, we deliberately ignore the hands and feet often. Well, we have to agree that your hands and feet are what indulging in most of the daily activities and so they are highly important to be treated. When hot weather is here, you should have to take extra care of your entire body both internally and externally. So, you gotta treat your hands and feet with extreme care and maintain them throughout the hot months of the year. Here are a few tips to take care of your hands and feet.

EXFOLIATION IS ESSENTIAL: Well, it is not just enough to wash or soak your feet and hands during the summer. You have to exfoliate your skin to remove the dead skin cells from your hands and feet. So, you could choose exfoliation or scrubbing during the summer. You could ease either homemade scrub or scrubs available in the market. This would proffer you with a relaxing feel and provide smooth and naturally glowing skin as well.

CARRY SUNSCREEN LOTION: If you are stepping out of the house, just wear the sunscreen lotion. Since we are in lockdown, you could still use it in your home as the sun rays would affect you through the windows. So, use sunscreen every single day to avoid skin issues.

FOLLOW MANICURE AND PEDICURE: It is a well-known fact that manicure and pedicure would be amazingly healthy for your hands and feet. It would help you to relax as well. You could have been accumulated dirt in your toenails and hand-nails and so you should have to choose a manicure and pedicure. Panic not, you could treat your mani-pedi at your home naturally and enjoy this summer.

SOAK WITH CARESS: Since it is a pandemic time, we need to maintain cleanliness once we return to our home. So, it is no surprise if you soak and pamper your feet and hands extra. All you have to do is to heat some water and add a foot soak gel or even shower gel or shampoo, you could now soak your feet for 30 minutes. And now you could clean them with a soft towel. In this way, you could treat your hands and feet.

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