As eggs are a great source of nutrients, it provides numerous health benefits to your body. When it comes to beauty benefits, you might have tried it to nourish your hair.


What if you could now use egg whites to nourish your skin and add extra beauty? Yes, it has been used for decades to get naturally beautiful skin and to make the hair shiny and silky as well. So, here are a few benefits of egg whites on your skin.

TIGHTENS THE SKIN: The presence of astringent property in egg white would help you to tighten the skin pores and provides you a youthful appearance. Now, apply a mix of egg white and fresh lemon juice on your face to shrink the pores of your skin. Leave it to settle for 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

TREATS SAGGING SKIN: All you have to do is to apply a thin layer of egg white all over your face and leave it to dry and then wash it off with water. It would then provide you toned and tighter skin and lowers puffiness under your eyes as well. Even, it would curb premature aging, the formation of wrinkles, and sagging facial muscles.

ALLEVIATES FACIAL HAIR: Egg whites are highly beneficial in getting a cleaner-looking face by removing the facial hair. All you have to do is to apply egg white all over your face and cover it with a paper towel that has holes cut out for your eye and mouth areas. Then, brush another layer of egg white over the paper towel and leave it to dry completely. Now, pull out the paper quickly and so the thin and tiny facial hair would come along with the dried paper.

OILY SKIN: First of all wash your face with water and then pat dry it before applying the thin layer of egg white all over. When it gets dried, just rinse it off with water to experience a tighter skin with slightly shrunken pores which oozes out less oil and thus controls the oiliness of the skin. Fight oily skin with protein-packed egg whites.