Generally, massaging with oils provides you relaxation and eases your tension. The art of massaging leads to the experience of the art of refreshing. There are essential oils that could naturally induce passionate feelings which are known for their aphrodisiac essence. Do, you could improve your relationship with lovely drops of essential oils that race up your love and romance. So, here are a few essential oils you should try along with your partner.

GINGER OIL: Ginger oil is considered very arousing when you use it for spicing up your love and romance. It has been traditionally used to improve healthy blood flow which is thus helpful in building up courage and confidence. So, you have to combine five drops of fresh ginger, three drops of black pepper, four drops of cardamom, and one drop of cedarwood atlas along with four tablespoons of granulated sugar. Well, you could apply it gently on your skin in a circular motion, and rinse it with water.

ROSE: This beautiful flower would naturally infuse the feelings of love, care, and comfort. To our surprise, rose oil would also support women’s reproductive health. It is due to the calming aroma of the blooming flower, it would create an impact of relaxation with better intimacy. All you have to do is to stir one teaspoon of honey, two teaspoons of brown sugar, and two drops of rose and make it a smooth paste. Also, apply it to your lips with your fingertips and rinse it with warm water.

NUTMEG: This must be new to many as an aphrodisiac oil. But it would be helpful in triggering the feeling of intimacy. But still, the herb has been traditionally useful for sexual disorders. So, you could have a relaxing bath together by adding spicy and romantic nutmeg oil. So, you have to mix three drops of rose absolute, two drops of nutmeg and two drops of vanilla with one ounce of carrier oil and one can of full-fat coconut milk. Stir in the ingredients well to blend and pour into a turn of warm water. Now, enjoy a relaxing and sensual hot bath together.

SANDALWOOD: When it comes to love, sandalwood would not come to your mind. But still, the amazing aroma would soothe the nerves and thus, helps in promoting sexuality, particularly in men. It would set the feel of an exotic aroma. So, you have to fill a four-ounce spray bottle with 1/8 cup of grain alcohol and add 35 drops of sandalwood, spruce, and lavender. Leave it to settle for 5 minutes, and then fill the bottle with distilled water and then mist linens.

JASMINE: Who else would not love jasmine? The fragrance of the flower would captivate the people and used as an aphrodisiac for both men and women. It would lift the mood and promote feelings of confidence as well. So, you have to try this scent on the inside of your wrists, behind your ears, and on other pulse points. You have to add the four drops of jasmine, three drops of frankincense, and sweet orange into a 10 ml roll-on applicator. Then fill the tube with a carrier oil and shake it well right before using it. Together, feel the fragrance of love.