Most people are currently working from home as lockdown has been imposed due to the pandemic. Well, sitting all day in front of the computer would make you prone to tiredness and other eye issues. It would affect your eyes in several ways. However, you could prevent blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes, and eye fatigue by adjusting your computer’s position, the brightness of it, reducing the glare, giving your eyes a break, and blinking. So, here are the simple tips to take care of your eyes while working at home.

FOLLOW UP THE EYE-EXERCISE: Try to give a break for your eyes and try to focus your eyes on something at least 20 feet away. Do it every 20 minutes as it would encourage the muscles in your eyes to relax and it could help you to reduce fatigue as well.

TRY TO BLINK: Naturally we blink for every 4 seconds. This would be decreased when staring at the computer screens or other digital devices as per the studies. So, make sure to blink as often as possible and this would help you to keep your eyes moisturized. It would prevent dry eyes as well.

GOOD POSITION OF THE MONITOR: Well, the position of the monitor should be slightly down from eye level and at least 25 inches or arm’s length away. By doing so, it would reduce the intensity of the light and the stress on the eyes.

CHANGE THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE SCREEN: You would have noticed the high level of brightness would immediately irritate your eyes and so the screen’s brightness must be adjusted to the level of the room. Also, increase the contrast to lower the eye strain.

TRY TO WEAR YOUR PRESCRIBED GLASSES: Reducing the strains on your eyes is highly essential for the health of your eyes. So, you must have to wear prescribed glasses while working as it would help you to view the screen without even tilting your head back. And the glasses would help you to see comfortably when you have bifocals or multifocal especially.