Our body reacts to every change in season. We tend to adapt ourselves to the season on the type of food, maintaining healthy skin, and hair. Exposure to the type of disease also depends on the season. Here we entered into monsoon season where we are prone to many infections. Our immunity level in this season is very less. We are likely to get affected by many infectious diseases. It does not stop with our health but also our skin and hair. Here are some tips to follow to keep our skin and hair in good and healthy condition.

Use Exfoliator – It is better to keep our skin free from germs and bacterias in this monsoon by making use of high-quality scrub. The scrub can remove the dead cells formed on the skin and thus makes the skin look shiny. Do have a check on the usage of an exfoliator, if used in excess it may remove essential oil from the skin keeping it dry for long hours. The exfoliator can be used twice or thrice a week.

Do Cleansing – As this monsoon are prone to germs and infections, it is necessary to keep our skin clean and free from germs. Use a mild face wash that suits your skin type. It can remove the impurities from the skin. Apply a homemade face pack to remove dead cells and to wipe off impurities from the skin. For sensitive skin, it is better to try with mild face wash instead of soap content in this season.

Drink enough water – The demand for water intake gradually reduces in this monsoon season as compared to summer. Even though the feel of thirst is not felt, we have to stick on to 6 -8 glasses of water every day irrespective of any season. Keeping our body hydrated can boost the skin’s essential oils, flushes out toxins away, and provides your skin feeling fresh and amazing forever.

Prepare Homemade Face pack – Use home ingredients such as lemon juice, honey, any fruit pack, papaya, yogurt, potato peel can give ever glowing skin. It can rejuvenate the skin. Multani mitti /Fuller’s earth can be the best choice for this season. It can be added with rose water to get a more cooling effect. Following this can keep your skin ever-glorious with moisturized skin.

Regular Skin Toning – Clogging of skin pores happens during this monsoon season. Regular skin-toning can be of great help to our skin. This can keep the skin hydrated, enables breathing, avoid any free radicals to enter the skin. Use a good quality toner for your skin type. Apply it with a cotton ball gently on your face and neck twice a week. This process can make your skin look healthy and flawless.

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