Sitting at home would instigate our stomach to eat more. This would end up in fat gain. Mainly fat gets accumulated in the belly which is considered to be more dangerous. This may lead to life-threatening illness like heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.Study says that people who suffer belly fat are exposed to more carb food, junk food, change in lifestyle and those deprived of sleep. Here are some solutions to banish belly fat.

Consume fewer Carbs – Eating more of carbohydrates rich food can have more adverse effects on health. It can increase the blood sugar levels, mainly it can increase the fat content in our body. Our body gains weight when we consume high-fat content or high carbohydrate food. Have control over your food. We should not overeat whether it is fat or fat less food. Avoid too much intake of potatoes, fried carb food, beans, legumes, oats, and sweet potatoes to have control on belly fat. Carbs are food that can boost energy, include fewer carbs in your food to avoid belly fat.

Regular Exercise – Getting into aerobics exercise like fast walking, jogging and running can keep you fit and healthy. Exercise has no age limits. Doing exercise in the morning shows better results. Do it regularly for an hour every day can keep you safe from diseases. For those who have a problem with obesity and for adults 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic,150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity, jogging, and brisk walking.

Enough Sleep – It is advised to have sleep hours between six to eight hours. It should not exceed more than eight or less than six hours. This can lead to a visceral(abdominal) fat store. Those who want to reduce their belly fat have to take early sleeping hours. The process should be taken on gradually to lose excess fat. Sleep time should be followed religiously and consistency, that will trigger positive results.

Avoid Excess Sugar – Sugar works well on increasing weight .Especially artificial sweeteners and refined sugar are bad for our body. The main cause of belly fat is the processed sugars can increase insulin levels that are. The fat content in the belly releases inflammatory compounds that may lead to many health hazards. This also depends on the genes and their lifestyle. Visceral fat mostly affects women after menopause and men under the age of 40.

Eat Soluble Fiber РEating more soluble fiber such as Apples, Beans, Flax seeds, citrus fruits, peas, lentils, and strawberries can considerably reduce the belly fat. It is proven that 10 grams of soluble fiber can lower the belly fat by 3.7%. Soluble fiber improves gut bacteria health and promotes overall fat loss by reducing your appetite.

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