Many people believe that beauty parlor can do wonders for their skin. Sometimes they are unaware of things that are used to beautify them. Here are certain strange beauty tricks that act as an alternative for any external treatments.

Oil cleansing – Usually, for dry skin, it is recommended to apply oil to feel the softness of the skin. There are some oils that are non-comedogenic (not to cause blocked pores). This can reduce sebum production (oil glands) and it cleanses the skin without leaving dryness. There are various types of oil available for different skin types. Olive oil is best for oily skin, almond/badam oil for dry skin, and jojoba oil is good for acne problems. Makeup removers often include oils as it has waterproof formulas, suited for lifting oil-free and oil-based.

Potato reduces scar – Taking care of skin is a great task, sometimes it goes out of our hands. Skin blemish and acne remain to a certain period of time and that can often leave scars and red marks on your skin. Treat your skin with potato juice that can fade the marks and promote healthy skin. Cut potato into pieces, apply the juice on the entire face and leave it to dry. See the difference in the repeated process.

Alleviate greasy roots – The hair can secrete oil naturally. If you are a frequent traveler, the oiliness in the hair can attract dust particles in the air. So it is recommended for a frequent hair wash to keep it clean. In case if you run out of shampoo there is a natural remedy for these greasy roots. Take a cup of corn flour, sprinkle a small amount of flour onto the scalp, and work into the roots. Excess flour can be removed by brushing your hair.

Free from Stained Teeth – Stain in teeth can be caused by eating the leftover foods which contain bacteria, colorful foods, and improper rinsing of the mouth. Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables often can remove the stains from the teeth. This can maintain sparkling white teeth in the long run. Apples, carrot, grapes, radish can minimize the staining and ensures pure white teeth. Make this as a practice after every meal to have crunchy fruits or vegetable to get rid of bacteria and help maintain healthy gums with white teeth

Use Baking soda to lighten Tan – The skin gets tanned usually when exposed to the sun. This affects your skin complexion. In the beauty parlor, there are packs available to lighten the tanned skin. We cannot say it suits every skin type. But homemade can resolve this problem so easily. Mix baking soda with water and apply on to your face in circles. This not only works on tanned skin but also removes the streaks.

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