We know that hair is very important that adds beauty, also protects our body from external heat and cold. Everyone wants to have silky, lush, and healthy hair. Getting grey or white hair at your young age is something that makes you feel frustrated. This can occur due to various reasons such as hereditary, stress, improper diet, or due to aging disorders. There are home remedies available for hair that can bring natural color.

Curry leaves – This can enhance the growth of hair. The iron content in curry leaves is helpful for hair growth. It prevents premature aging of hair and provides healthy nutrients. Apply curry leaf oil to get rid of grey or white hair.

Gooseberry or Indian Amla – Amla has a lot of health, skin, and hair benefits. The antioxidant property of this fruit can fight against any toxins as well as prevents premature aging. Amla is added to shampoo and oil to strengthen the hair and improve the texture.

Black coffee – This is the perfect choice for grey or white hair. Coffee with its natural dark color remains as a stain on your hair. This can easily darken your hair. Apply coffee on your hair and leave it some time to get rid of grey or white so easily. Try this once a week to show better results.

Coconut oil – The oil is good for skin and hair. Coconut has an abundance of nutrients that gives shiness to hair and prevents premature aging. It can also treat grey /white hair and bring back the natural color of the hair.

Bhringaraj – Bhringaraj or false daisy has the natural ingredient to ward off grey hair. It contains bioactive elements that improve melanogenesis and makes your hair look black. It is used in many hair-dying products.