In olden days people used turmeric to wash their faces to keep their skin away from germs and to maintain brightness. Turmeric paste is used on born babies while bathing in order to get rid of small hairs. The powerful element in turmeric prevents the hair growth on your skin. Turmeric /Haldi has a lot more benefits for skin and hair. The spice belongs to the ginger family, it is dried and powdered well for external and internal use. Without this spice, our food is incomplete with nutrients. Know other benefits of this spice for skin and hair.

Improves Skin Complexion – Before you step out of your home have a face pack to protect your skin from dirt and from losing the nourishment. The turmeric face pack is an excellent remedy for any type of skin problem. To get a naturally glowing, fresh, and bright face then choose turmeric as a primary ingredient. Everyone would like to present themselves so beautifully to any party. In that case, turmeric can be the only solution to satisfy their need. Apply a face mask with a mixture of turmeric and yogurt or mix turmeric with any beauty cream to enhance the glow and brightness in your face.

Removes Dark Spots – Turmeric is packed with an abundance of medicinal values. Its vitamins and minerals can give positive effects on our skin. It has the power to eliminate dark spots from your spots. Melanin is responsible for the natural color of the skin. Turmeric reduces melanin content that is responsible for the dark spots on your skin. Use Haldi paste as a substitute for soap to improve your skin texture.

For Glowing Skin – Turmeric does magic if the following ingredient is incorporated into your skin. It works wonders and shows excellent results when used on a regular basis. Make a paste with rice and turmeric and add some yogurt to improve the consistency. Apply this mix every night before bed for 15 minutes. This can exfoliate the skin and retains the glow of the skin.

Fights Hair loss – Everyone would like to have a bouncy and beautiful hair. Due to changing lifestyles, pollution we are losing more hair. This problem exists in both males and females. There is a natural way to prevent hair loss. Use turmeric paste in your shampoo or shikakai and do a hair wash twice a week. To retain your beauty use turmeric to prevent excessive hair loss.

Improves Hair Growth – Using turmeric directly onto your hair roots can stimulate the hair follicles, increase hair density, and strengthen the roots. Due to hormonal changes girls especially experience hair fall. Apply the paste of turmeric directly on your hair to make hair strands stronger and do a shampoo wash. It works well in stimulating keratin production. This is a simple way to enhance your hair and induce nutrients directly to the roots.