Hair lice are the most irritating problem for your hair. The house of lice is our hair and their food is our blood. Mostly it troubles school-going children causing itching, red bumps, and irritation. They crawl in hair and lay more eggs. It can easily transfer from one head to another. It leads us to an embarrassing situation. This blood-sucking insect can transfer easily by wearing the cloth of an infected person, sitting closer, using the same towel for wiping hair, and while sleeping. There are medicines available in the market to get rid of lice but sometimes they don’t work out well. The chemical substance may affect the scalp. Try out some home remedies to keep away from pesky little insects.

Garlic – Garlic has strong antifungal and antibacterial properties. This can kill the lice by the pungent smell of garlic. Use a garlic paste with lemon juice and apply to your scalp for 30 minutes or mix with onion juice and wash it with warm water. This process can permanently remove lice from your hair.

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is used to nourish your hair. It contains a lot of rich nutrients that can make our hair healthy naturally. The lice slip from the hair when it is applied with coconut oil. It suffocates the lice and kills them so easily. The lice stick to the hair and can be removed. Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar and let it dry. Massage with coconut oil and leave it overnight. Wash it with shampoo and comb to remove the lice and eggs completely.

Salt – The iodine in the salt works well on hair lice. Spray salt water onto your scalp can remove lice or use mix vinegar and salt and apply it onto the scalp. Leave it for 3 hours and wash it with a mild shampoo.

Baby Oil – A gentle massage with baby oil on your scalp with fingertips can suffocate the lice and make them fall off so easily. The oil in your scalp restricts the air passages of the lice. Use white vinegar with baby oil and apply it to your scalp or add laundry detergent to flush out all the lice. Let the process stay overnight and do a shampoo wash in the morning.

White Vinegar – Vinegar can easily remove the adult lice as well as nits from the hair. White vinegar alone can remove lice so easily. It is rich in acetic acid that eradicates the head lice. Apply white vinegar mixed with water and apply to your scalp for 2-3 hours and remove the lice by combing the hair.

Baking Soda – You can try a lice comb and nit comb for any home remedy process. Baking soda works amazingly well to relieve itchiness on the scalp and removes the lice. Use a conditioner with baking soda and apply on to the scalp. Leave it for some time to react with lice. Now use a comb and wipe on a clean towel to see the dead lice. This removes both adult and baby lice. Combing the hair it eradicates the whole lice from your hair.

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