Vodka is a liquor seen as one of the beverages in parties or pubs. Most men and women are addicted to its taste also the other surprising benefits of this alcohol. It is prepared from the fermentation of potatoes, cereals, and grapevines. The origin of this drink is from Russia, Sweden, and Poland. Vodka has a lot of health benefits too and even used for cleaning purposes. The astringent property and antiseptic nature of the vodka has a lot of beauty benefits. It gives excellent nutrition to your skin and hair. It can cleanse your body and provide sufficient nutrients. Here are some amazing beauty benefits of Vodka.

Removes Dandruff – To get a Dandruff Free Scalp mix vodka with few drops of rosemary, lemon, and apply it over the scalp. The antifungal property in vodka can keep away from infections and prevents hair fall. This is the natural remedy to get rid of dandruff and to enhance the hair follicle for healthy hair growth.

Increases Hair Volume – Vodka is packed with nutrition that is beneficial for hair growth. To get lustrous hair use it as conditioner or shampoo to induce more nutrients to your scalp. It can smoothen your hair and gives bouncy look.

Has Antiseptic Properties  – Vodka has a high antiseptic property that clears pores and acne problems. Vodka in diluted form can apply over your face to kick off black spots, dark circles, and dirt. It gives smooth, clear, and glowing skin when combined with olive or jojoba oil. It moisturizes the skin and wards off germs.

Alleviates Anti-aging – It is surprising to know that vodka shows excellent results in giving a young look. It acts as an anti-aging serum to prevent lines and wrinkles. Vodka can tighten your skin and retains a youthful appearance.

Goodbye Blackheads And Whiteheads – Blackheads or whiteheads are found mostly on your nose and areas around it. There are facials to remove them or you can strip off. Instead of going through the painful process of emptying your pocket money, go for a natural remedy. Vodka has the power to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads in your skin.

Removes Bad Odour – Your legs are likely to attach more dirt and germs. These germs may turn into a bad odor. The disinfectant and antiseptic property of vodka act as a cleansing agent to keep away the stinking smell that comes from your feet.

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