Apart from face creams, packs, foundation, and face wash to make your skin lighter and brighter, there are some essential oils available in the market to improve your skin tone. The oils can easily penetrate into your skin and provide the required nourishment. The essential oil can benefit your skin in many ways like removing pigmentation, stretch marks, dark spots, etc. It can improve the overall quality of your skin by whitening and brightening your skin. Here are some essential oils that can benefit your skin in many ways. Read this article to have healthy and beautiful skin as ever

Coconut Oil – Apply coconut oil every day in the night to add immediate glow to your skin. Any rashes or scar can be easily treated by coconut oil as it lightens the mark. The antibacterial property in this oil eliminates blemishes in the skin and sunburns. The oil can easily change the skin tone with its nutritional benefits giving brightens to skin. Continuous application of the oil in rough areas can easily turn into the smooth and soft skin

Castor Oil – The antiinflammatory property of castor oil treats your skin from infections. It wards off dryness in your skin. Furthermore, it works on reducing skin pigment. It gives a glow to your skin and prevents acne problems.

Sandalwood Oil – Sandalwood is best for any skin tone. The oil can ensure a bright and white skin tone when applied regularly. It can completely eliminate blemishes, rashes, and scars in the skin. Any whitehead or blackheads can be easily treated by sandalwood oil.

Rose Oil – It a very mild oil suitable for any skin type. Regular application of the oil in the night can show better results in your skin tone. It can easily whiten and brighten your skin. It can gradually eliminate oiliness in your skin and wards off pimples. The oil tightens your skin thereby chances of wrinkles and lines become meager.

Almond Oil – Almond as such loaded with a lot of nutrients and when applied as oil on your skin gives sparkling look. It nourishes your skin and makes your skin brighter. Dark circles are easily eliminated by applying oil around your eyes. It adds glow to your skin and changes to fair complexion.

Lavender Essential Oil – This oil is being used in soap, body wash, and creams to give a soothing and calming effect on your skin. The healing property of this oil is best for any sensitive skin. The oil calms down your nerves and removes skin pigmentation. It can treat scars and skin rashes.

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