There is an assumption that people with fair skin are lucky and considered as the most beautiful. People in the United Stated look fairer than any other state. Your skin tone depends on the weather condition of that particular place. Truly fairer skin does not determine the beauty of a person. Although many of us would be looking for fairness cream or lotion to flaunt themselves brighter. Come out of the temporary beauty and be familiar with some of the home remedies to get fair skin with fewer expenses.

Honey mask – Honey is the key ingredient of any face pack. Its richness in nutrients adds a special glow to your skin and corrects your skin tone. Honey has an anti-aging property that wards off wrinkles and lines slowly. Use it directly on the skin or mix with any fruit extract to induce nutrition.

Apple masks – Apple is packed with complete nutrients and also keeps your skin tome lighter. The fruit contains antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids that keep the skin brighter and lighter. Apply face pack with an apple as a primary ingredient and adding with either honey or curd or pomegranate extract can work well for fair skin.

Potato mask – Potato can work effectively on giving a brighter skin tone. It is loaded with niacin and antioxidant that enhances your complexion. Make a paste and try with milk or curd as a face pack to show better results.

Saffron mask – Saffron is grown in Kashmir (cold place) and can be used in most dishes for its flavor. The spice changes the color of the food and why not our skin tone. Dip saffron in hot milk and color changes to yellow after sometimes. Regular consumption of this milk or applied as a face mask can make your skin look brighter and lighter.

Chickpea flour mask – Chickpea removes dead skin cells and replaces lighter skin tone. It is a well-known exfoliator that brings fitness to your skin so easily. Prepare a facemask by mixing chickpea with lemon or milk and apply it twice a week to show tremendous improvement.

Glycerin mask – The mask is perfect for dry skin. Glycerin has humectants properties, helps to retain moisture in your skin. It also repairs damaged skin cells and brightens your skin. The glycerin mask is the best remedy for dull skin. Add with honey or lemon and apply on to your face fully and see the change in skin tone within a few days.