Brown sugar is well-known for its effective health benefits. This natural food item is easily available outside and has been placed in the kitchen. For centuries, brown sugar has been used as a natural home remedy to nourish the skin. However, you do not want to go out to buy skin-care products as brown sugar would act as a great home remedy for your skincare. It is less expensive and readily available as well. Check out the following benefits of brown sugar for your skin.

ACTS AS A MOISTURIZER: Brown sugar is known for its natural moisturizing power. It drags moisture from the environment and sent it to the skin. It would act as a natural moisturizing agent which would keep the skin soft as well as hydrating. It is softer than granulated sugar and gentler than salt. Brown sugar thus acts as a natural moisturizer.

AVERTS ACNE: Brown sugar would act as a natural exfoliator and alleviate dead cells. It would promote healthy skin, and circulation thereby hydrating the skin. If you are worried about acne, then treat it with brown sugar facials to avoid and diminish acne and pimples. The anti-bacterial properties of brown sugar would be helpful in clearing your skin.

PROVIDES RADIANT GLOW: As brown sugar is a natural exfoliator, it would ward off dead cells from the outer skin by hydrating the skin. It would in turn provide the skin a shiny glow. It would also avert the problems of tanned skin when applied to the legs, back, and shoulders. Get that amazing radiant natural glow!

FADE AWAY SCARS: When you apply brown sugar to your skin, it would be useful in brightening the skin as well as fading away from the scars. However, the presence of glycolic acid in brown sugar is helpful in lightening up the skin. It would curb the melanin formation as well.

EXCELLENT BROWN SUGAR SCRUB: Popularly known for exfoliating the skin, brown sugar is known for warding off dead cells from the outer skin. The glycolic acid which is the smallest alpha-hydroxy acid would penetrate intensely into the skin. Therefore, it loosens the bonds of the skin cells and stimulates new cell growth. So, this brown sugar facial is worth using.

SOFTENS THE LIP: Try preparing brown sugar lip scrub to exfoliate and hydrate it. It would soften your lip naturally.

Cold-pressed oils are extracted from nuts, vegetables, and seeds at a very moderate temperature. They are considered to be more nutritious as our ancestors followed this method to get oil. Cold-pressed oils are used in many Indian cuisines that add taste and more benefits to your health. Most refined oils are highly processed involving extreme heat and chemicals. Cold-pressed oils contain bioactive substances that add nourishment to your health and skin. Let us know more benefits of the cold-pressed oils in this article.

Exhibits Hight Nutritional Value – The cold-pressed oil comes with high nutritional value with the presence of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This ensures balance in cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Also packed with vitamin D, E, A, C, potassium, and lecithin that is required for the proper functioning of your organs.

Uplifts taste in food – The oil retains its taste and flavor even after it is cold-pressed. The aroma is still felt in cooking along with other spices. Cold-pressed oil is best for your cooking to enrich the taste as well as to bring a lot of nutritional benefits.

Best for skin health – The oil is best for your skin and hair as the vitamins and nourishing agents are induced in the right manner. It works on your skin tone and retains moisture. It is used in many cosmetic products and applied as a foundation for make-up. It treats your frizzy hair and is best applied as a hair mask for nourishment.

Contains Polyunsaturated fatty acids – The oil is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids which keeps your heart healthy. The cold-pressed oil is notable for its richness in Vitamin E and phenols that aids in controlling cholesterol levels in the blood. It brings down oxidative stress and protects your liver.

Induces more nutrients – The cold-pressed oil can retain more health qualities whereas in refined oil it destroys essential nutrients when processed at high temperatures. It exhibits healing properties and fights toxins to prevent inflammation. Vitamin E and beta carotene in cold-pressed oil are required for good metabolic function.

Acts as Immune Booster – Your immunity system should be active to protect you from various health ailments. The cold-pressed oil contains a natural antioxidant property that protects from cell damage. The oil extracted at moderate temperature acts as a good immune booster that destroys any free radicals approaching your body.

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