Sensual pleasure could bring multiple health benefits. What if it comes with beauty benefits? Well, Good News! You do not need to spend much money on beauty products as you have a solution for all your skin issues on your bed. Does it sound vague? If so, you just have to jump onto the bed with your partner. So, get under the sheets with your love often to glow in your natural skin and highlight your skin without a highlighter. A cuddle, a smooch, and an orgasm session are all you need to glow. Henceforth, indulging in sex would offer health benefits and beauty benefits as well. Read on to know how sex works on your skin.

PROMOTES YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN: Sex is the natural solution to ease stress. It would lower the levels of cortisol, the stress hormones. Indulging in regular sex would lead to an increase in the feel-happy hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine. Even if you have sex after a long time, it would relieve your stress and clear your mind. Big O is not only helpful in relieving stress, but it would also be helpful in collagen production in your skin. As a result, your skin would appear supple and young. So, if anyone asks you about the secret behind your younger-looking skin, then you know what to say – BIG O!

PROVIDES GLOWING SKIN: An intense workout session would sprinkle the glow which you might have noticed when you get ready to go out of the house. The glow after the sweat is more than you ask for. As sex is a form of exercise, it would stimulate your blood to carry more oxygen to your organs which includes your skin. The natural glowing is easy-peasy when you have regular sex.

GIVES FULLER LIPS: Since the sensual pleasure could increase the flow of blood to the extremes of your body, it would give your lips a fuller and plumper look. Moreover, sex enhances the heart rate thereby increasing blood circulation. This natural flow of blood would thus be providing pouty and plump lips.

ENHANCES HAIR AND NAIL: What if sex is great for your hair and nails too? Yes, get under the sheets with your partner and witness the bodily changes you experience. It is said that sex would enhance the ability of your body to get the most out of the nutrients as per the research. When your body gets enough nutrients, it would automatically reinforce the hair strands and make them strong enough.

STRONGER NAILS: The regular big O session would leave you with stronger nails. The strong and beautiful nails mean you could go for several choices of nail arts or nail polishes. This comes as a surprise, doesn’t it?

INDUCES GOOD SLEEP: The steamy session with your partner would provide you a better snoozing time. It would provide you the much-needed rejuvenation for your entire body. You should be grateful for the sex you have had. It releases the feel-happy hormone and a good night’s sleep which would help you wake up refreshing and glowing.

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