Foods are medicines that can do wonders for our bodies. There are foods that keep us healthy and away from illness. But certain foods that serve for our skin too. We head to the beauty parlor for gorgeous skin knowing it doesn’t last long. To have permanent glimmering skin it is better to rely on the food that benefits us. For every skin problem, we have a specific food type to resolve those flaws. Avoiding junk foods,oil-rich foods and processed foods can do better for our health and skin. Here are some potential foods related to the skin to retain your beauty and young look.

Carrot – Carrot is good for your eyes. They are rich in Vitamin A  which prevents the development of skin cancer cells. Carrot acts as a fast healer for trauma and wounded skin as it has an abundance of Vitamin C and beta carotene. It removes flaky dead cells from our skin and keeps it healthy. The antioxidant property prevents the excess production of cells in the skin’s outer layer. Merge an equal quantity of egg white, carrot juice, and yogurt. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

Papaya – We have seen many skin products with the key ingredient papaya. As we consume fruit it supplies more nutrients to our skin. Vitamin A and papain enzyme in the fruit keep the skin hydrated and relieve inflammation. A cup of papaya every day gives a glow to your skin and removes blemishes. It is considered to be the best for any acne problems.

Eggs – Biotin in the egg helps the hair grow and strengthens the roots. It improves skin texture. The albumin in egg white removes remove excessive oil and tightens pore. Vitamin B protects the skin from acne, rashes dryness. The fatty acids can retain moisture in the skin. The yellow yolk is rich in vitamins and essential nutrients required for cell function.

Spinach – Green Leafy vegetable contains a lot of nutrients. Consuming this vegetable rich in Vitamin B can protect skin against harmful UV rays. Vitamin K, C, and A can reduce acne and skin damage. The antioxidant property of spinach can prevent premature aging and skin cancer.

Tomatoes – Tomatoes can be the best choice among the fruit to activate and enhance your skin tone. Lycopene in the fruit protects the skin against UV rays. A good amount of Vitamin C helps to treat acne, prevents wrinkles, and slows down the process of aging. Include tomatoes in your everyday meal to have flawless skin.

Yogurt – It has a wonderful cooling property to your skin loaded with vitamins and minerals. Yogurt in any form to be taken in your regular diet to get rid of dry patches reduces wrinkles, itchy scalp, and removes dandruff.