Pimples are a small eruption found in the skin that bothers your skin complexion. It is more likely to appear in your adolescent age due to hormone change. Every individual would come across pimples that make you look a little fearful. There are various reasons for the appearance of pimples exposure to sunlight, dehydration dry skin, dirt deposit, and excess of oil. Your skin needs special care to get rid of such pimples. Expose to some home remedies to alleviate such disgusting pimples out of your skin. Read this article fully to know some home remedy tips for blemish-free skin.

Aloe vera – Aloe vera is a complete cure for any skin related problem. The presence of essential nutrients helps in eradicating any blemishes in the skin. Do a gentle massage with the gel on the affected area and stay overnight. can This results in smooth, clear skin and repeat the process at least a week to show a tremendous change in skin tone.

Garlic – The juice of garlic can fight against bacteria causing pimples. Gently rub sliced garlic on the pimples and wash with warm water. The antiseptic property in garlic removes the germs and clears the pimples.

Honey – Honey contains a natural healing property that can easily ward of pimples. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property protects your skin from infections. It nourishes your skin as well as keeps you away from infections. The nutrients in honey give a refreshing feel and retain skin glow. Apply honey in the affected area regularly to give better results.

Lemon Juice – The nutrient Vitamin C is best to treat your pimples. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C that acts deep into the pores of the skin to remove the dirt or cell damage due to sun exposure. It can effectively remove the infections causing pimples with its antioxidant element. You can mix the juice with cinnamon powder for effective destruction of pimples.

Ice – Ice can provide a better healing effect on pimples. It can easily remove the swelling by inducing a cooling effect. Place ice wrapped with a cloth over the pimples and wash with normal water. It supports skin cells and treats pimples from the root.

Cucumber – Cucumber becomes a natural coolant to your body. The vegetable does a miraculous job in alleviating the pimple problem. The dryness can lead to pimples and the cucumber acts well on hydrating your skin. The presence of Vitamin A, C, and E in cucumber prevents your skin from dryness. Slices of cucumber can be placed on your pimples to fasten the healing process.

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