The name cocoa powder is so familiar with its enormous usage in making chocolates and desserts. The powder is extracted from cocoa beans adding exotic flavor to ice cream, cakes, pudding, and a variety of chocolates. The unsweetened cocoa powder is a very good antioxidant. As many of us think that cocoa powder can cause weight gain and be unhealthy. But there are some proven facts of cocoa powder loaded with amazing health benefits. It enhances the proper functioning of the brain, prevents cancer, treats diabetes, and controls blood pressure. Also comes up with uncountable health benefits.

Restores Skin Health –  The antioxidant property of cocoa powder can battle free radicals. The powder prevents the stealing of oxygen from the skin cells by free radicals. It replaces dull-looking skin into bright and beautiful skin. A cocoa powder face mask can rejuvenate your face.

Retains Natural Colour – Do you see streaks of grey hair? cocoa powder can help you get rid of the problem. It can gradually make your hair look dark when used as a hair mask mixing with warm water.

Combat Pimples – Cocoa powder works well at reducing acne and pimples as it is loaded with antioxidants. This can fight against the germs that attack the skin. Also reduces inflammation and redness on the skin. The cocoa powder, when added with honey, which has antibacterial property, can show better results for acne problems.

Gives Brighter Skin – The flavonoids in cocoa powder keeps the skin brighter and clearer. It improves blood flow and growth of new cells giving a radiant look to your skin. It nourishes the skin and reduces blemishes so easily.

Makes Hair healthy – Consuming Cocoa can benefit your hair too. The powder contains sulfur which is the key mineral for hair health. Regular intake of cocoa in any form can make your hair healthy, shiny, and soft naturally.

Keeps skin hydrated – Cocoa powder when consumed as chocolate or as a face mask increases blood flow. This, in turn, helps in hydrating the skin and stops the aging process. The richness of vitamin E in the powder can boost collagen production that improves hydration and prevents wrinkles.