Lemon is graded as an all-rounder among any fruits for its exuberant nutritional value. The strong tangy flavor in the fruit contains a rich amount of Vitamin C. The fruit has been identified to treat a variety of ailments for centuries. The powerful antioxidant property packed in this fruit can combat any harmful pathogens and cleanses your organs. Lemon Essential Oil is an extract from the lemon peel that is in no way less ranked in their nutrition. It is best recommended for skin and hair for its antiseptic,anti-fungal, antibacterial, etc. The fresh fragrance of this oil refreshes your skin, mind, and hair. It is a versatile oil loaded with therapeutic and household benefits. Let us understand the importance of this oil for skin and hair more in this article.

Supports Anti-Aging – With its high amount of Vitamin C, the oil protects the skin cells from premature aging. The citric acid in the oil generates skin cells. It kills free radicals that are stealing oxygen from the cells causing dullness in the skin.

Removes Oiliness -The fruit with its acidic nature comes with notable astringent properties. This can prevent excessive sebum production on the skin. The lemon oil shrinks the pores and tightens the skin thereby reducing the release of sebum.

Prevents greasy hair – It removes grease from hair by absorbing excess oil from the hair strands and follicles. It controls excess sebum production on the skin by tightening the pores.

Blackhead Remover – The oil has an antibacterial property that keeps infection at bay. It prevents acne formation thereby reducing the chances of blackheads. Lemon has the ability to tighten the skin, reducing sebum production and shrinking large pores.

Brightens Skin – It acts as a natural bleaching agent that is safe for any skin type. The oil can balance with the skin’s natural pH which is essential to achieve bright glowing skin. It reduces acne scars, lightens skin tone, and fights against blemishes.

Cleanses your skin -The cleansing property of the lemon can remove dirt from the skin and prevents blackheads formation. Use the oil while bathing or fash wash to eliminate the dirt for the day replacing the glow. The regular usage of the oil with milk can rejuvenate your skin.

Used in Perfume – Lemon essential oil is suggested for deodorant/perfume for its aromatic flavor and antibacterial properties. The fresh scent removes bad odors and excess oil from the skin. It can efficiently absorb sweat and gives a refreshing feel.

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