Saffron/Kesar is known as  ‘golden spice’ or ‘red gold’.Mostly found in the Kashmir region. It has a unique vibrant color, aroma and offers high nutritional value. People who are beauty conscious take this saffron every day. Saffron is more expensive than any other spice. It is delightful to see a food additive with saffron and does big wonders to your skin, hair, and health. It adds richness to the food and chosen as one of the ingredients in the cosmetic industry. Let us walkthrough on more benefits of saffron

Glimmering Skin – Saffron can give fair and glowing skin. Add a few strands of saffron in hot milk and drink every night to show changes in your skin. It can stimulate blood circulation allowing the skin to breathe. Apply saffron face pack to get glowing skin.

Enhances Hair Growth – It repairs hair follicles and prevents hair loss. Saffron conditioners can promote silky and healthy hair

Rich in Antioxidant – Crocin and Crocetin compounds in Saffron can fight against free radicals. Saffron is loaded with various antioxidants. It can protect brain cells against damage, reduces the harmful effects produced by chemotherapy drugs, and prevents cancer.

Cures Wounds – It works well on sunburn and suntan. Applying cream or lotion rich in saffron can show great results.

Activates the Nervous System – Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of Saffron improve the nervous system. Crocin one of the components in saffron promotes memory retention and brain health. It can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Healthy Heart – The antioxidants in saffron help in the functioning of arteries and blood vessels. Thiamine and Riboflavin is a good supplement for cardiac health. Studies proved that regular use of saffron has shown lower cases of heart problems. It is an extraordinary herbal supplement to our body.

Relief from Cold – Saffron with antioxidants and healing properties is hot in nature. It can treat headaches, running nose, and blocked nose. During winter we are likely to get affected by the flu and cold. Drinking hot Kesar milk can be the best home remedy for cold. It induces healthy sleep, a healthy heart, and good memory retention.