Basil leaf is an herb full of medical values. It belongs to the mint family and used in different cuisines. It improves the flavor of any dish that prevents a variety of diseases. The queen of herbs with its wonderful medicinal value cures cold, heart problems, diabetic disorder, and even cancer. The ayurvedic herb is considered sacred and gives power while fasting. It is considered the most celebrated and healthiest herb in the world. Similar to the tulsi plant it possesses aesthetic value. Let us learn some more benefits of this versatile herb for skin and hair in this article.

Prevents Acne and pimples – Basil leaf with its high healing property helps in treating acne and pimple problems. The antiseptic element reacts to the infections and clears it. The paste of basil leaf can be applied to the affected places. The basil leaf paste can be combined with neem to have quick relief from skin infections.

Removes Scars – You can mix the paste of Basil leaf paste with gram flour to get rid of white scars. The effectiveness of the paste and flour works well in eliminating the scars. The anti-bacterial properties and cleansing nature make the process easy.

Used as a Facepack – Beauty parlor can ensure a good look and improve your skin texture. Basil paste can be used as a face pack that can prove better than any parlor. The natural healing and cleansing property give a radiant and healthy look.

Gives Glowing look – The paste of basil leaf can be simply applied over the face. To enhance the look add some drops of lemon water and paste of turmeric. This gives a glow to your skin and maintains a radiant look.

Hair loss prevention – Avoid chemical products, choose natural care for your hair. Basil leaf is an excellent herb for healthy hair growth. It improves blood circulation and supplies the necessary nutrients to your hair follicle. It also reduces itching problems and makes your hair roots stronger.

Alleviates Blackheads – Blackheads occur when there are open pores of hair follicles present in the skin. Basil can eliminate blackheads so easily, its antibacterial property removes the blackheads. The paste of basil leaf can leave your skin free from blackheads.

Eradicates Dandruff Problem – Regular massage with coconut oil added to basil leaf can retain moisture in your skin. This can strengthen the scalp and prevents from drying. The antibacterial effect of the leaf eliminates the dandruff problem and prevents hair fall.