Beauty is not something that has been associated only with women but is also with men. Every man wants to look good and impressive as well. But guys, you are not actually spending essential time to enhance your natural beauty or for grooming instead, most men would stand in front of the mirror which is the only thing they do to have a look at your skin in the morning. To make your look refreshing and amazing, you have to spend time grooming which would provide you the desired handsome look. So, here are simple and quick tips to follow even if you found it unusual, it works.

BURST PIMPLES WITH TISSUES: Pimples could never be your skin’s buddy and so you would like to pop it out. But popping the pimples is not advisable, right? So, here you could use the alternative idea of squeezing the pimples gently with tissue papers by covering them with your fingertips. Worry not, it would stop the spread of bacteria by your fingers directly coming in contact with your skin. So, you could burst pimples simply using the tissues.

TREAT FRIZZ WITH HAIR CONDITIONER: You could calm your frizzy hair by just rubbing it with a small amount of hair conditioner all over your hair. Even hand cream and facial moisturizer would work effectively in treating frizzy kinds of hair.

HEAL SHAVING WOUNDS WITH LIP BALM: While you are shaving, you might get wounds or blood from razors which could be irritable. But you could apply lip balm over the wounds to heal them as the waxy nature of the balm would help you to create a seal and let a clot form as well.

PULL OUT THE SCAMP HAIRS WITH NAIL CUTTER: You might have got the beard as per the trend now but you might also have some unwelcome guests which are nothing but those extra-grown hairs. So, you could cut down those unwanted scamp facial hairs on your nose or ear by trimming them with nail cutters.  Try it out!

OVERCOME SUNBURN WITH COLD TEABAGS: The simple and wise way to overcome sunburn is to avert it from the first place itself. But you could even treat it simply by keeping cold teabags which are loaded with tannic acid and in turn assist you to overcome by cooling down the burn.

TRYING SHAVING RIGHT AFTER THE WARM SHOWER: Usually, you might shave before the shower but do it upside down by shaving after the shower. This is easy and simple as the bristles of your face are softened by the steam as well as the skin’s follicles are open. This would thus help in a smoother shave without any drops of blood or wounds.

USE OLIVE OIL TO CLEAR THE EARS: People use cotton buds to clean the ears but it might create complications on your sensitive eardrums which is why it is not recommended. But the best alternative is to use olive oil to clean the ears. When few drops of olive oil are dropped inside the ear, it would lubricate your ears and starts loosening the wax and thus it would fall out without much effort from your side. All you have to do is to heat a small amount of oil to the body temperature and use a sterilized eyedropper to draw a few drops into the ear. This should be followed by dropping in a few drops of warm water to assist in removing the wax ball easily.