Hair coloring has become a fashion and trending. It is common for any gender and attracts people who are fashion conscious. Some want to have a change in their look and for a few to cover grey hair. Hair dying and coloring are two different processes. Hair coloring can be allergic to some people and also has side effects. Here are some facts about the side effects of hair coloring for everyone.

Hair fall – Your body is designed to keep away external chemicals from entering. Especially your hair shows negative effects for any hair dye or hair color. The chemicals are peroxide and ammonia are found in hair dye or hair coloring can weaken your hair, cause split ends, and makes it rough.

Weakens Your Hair – When you apply dye on your hair it is over-processed due to the presence of chemicals present in the dyes. It takes out the moisture in the hair and makes it dry and brittle. This results in making the hair short by cutting down the brittle hair.

Cancer – The hair colors that contain a high amount of PDP can cause cancer or damage human DNA. The hair dye enters the hair root is the way to increase cancerous cells. The chemical in hair dye is harmful to your health as it can cause hormone imbalance and develops the risk of breast cancer.

Causes Skin Irritation – Flaky skin, redness, burning sensations, and itchiness are the symptoms of skin irritation. Before applying hair dye, it is advisable for a patch test to prevent skin problems.

Causes Skin Allergy – When you do hair dyeing or coloring, you end up with serious allergic reactions. Paraphenylenediamine is a substance that causes allergy. It is better to check on the branded products and have a trial on your hair to avoid skin problems. The allergic symptoms such as swelling around the eyes,  mild dandruff, itchy scalp, and redness can occur due to hair dying or coloring.

Affects Pregnant women – It is better to avoid hair coloring during pregnancy. The chemicals in hair color can cause malignancy which is harmful to the baby and disturbs the growth.

Cause Rashes – People experience rashes on the scalp immediately after the application of hair dye or hair color. When your scalp does not support the chemicals it turns into rashes. This allergy has to be treated immediately to prevent hair loss.

Asthma – One of the serious consequences due to hair dye or hair color is asthma. It occurs due to the continuous inhalation of PPD chemicals present in hair color. It blocks the air passage and makes it difficult to breathe. Also leads to other discomforts such as lung inflammation,  coughing, asthma attacks, and wheezing.

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