Alum is a chemical compound that is found in natural form. It has found numerous benefits in different fields. It is called Fitkari in Hindi and Padigaram in Tamil. The compound is used in the medical field to treat injuries and also utilized in baking, canning, pickling, and tanning leather. It acts as an astringent to minimize bleeding and hemorrhage. It can arouse vomiting if somebody has consumed poison. It brings a lot of benefits to your skin and used in many health products. The easily available product is best in taking out impurities from water. There are many such benefits presented in this article about this wonderful product. Must to read and get benefited.

Manages Skin tone after Shave – Alum is considered as best aftershave. It can replace other costly items aftershave with its effective properties. It can enhance your skin tone with a simple rub on a wet face for a few seconds.

Cures Pimples – The germ-killing and cooling qualities in alum do a great job in dealing with your skin problems. It can be used as a face mask and effectively keeps away acne problems. It deals with skin inflammation and lowers pimples.

Wards off Lice – The powdered alum with tea tree oil and water can remove hair lice. It can be applied on your scalp and kills the lice effectively.

Acts as a Deodorant – The antibacterial qualities of alum is effective as a deodorant. It eliminates foul smell with its significant compounds and gives a fresh feel. The wet alum block can be rubbed in those areas to experience a deodorant effect.

Treats Cracked Heels – An excellent remedy to get relieved from cracked heels. The powdered form of alum can be added to coconut oil and applied on your heels. It removes cracked heels much faster and replaces them with smooth soft skin.

Excellent Mouth Freshener – The presence of bacteria in your mouth is the cause of bad breath. The chemical substance in alum can easily remove the acids and toxin deposits giving a refreshing feel.

Releases muscle cramps – Muscle cramps are dealt with so easily with alum. It acts as a natural remedy to relieve muscle cramps. It can be mixed with turmeric to induce antiseptic qualities in getting rid of such cramps.

Stops Bleeding – To stop bleeding immediately to prevent loss of blood then apply alum residue on the affected area. Alum has the ability to repair the cells and tissues with its excellent medicinal value.

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