Most of us give importance to our physical appearance. Our skin is the one organ that is exposed outside. It requires special care equally when compared to our health. Skin also needs nourishment. Lotus seeds provide the necessary nutrition to our skin and maintain the skin complexion. Hair also places an important part in our body. Lotus seeds can help to provide the necessary nutrients to maintain healthy hair.

Acts as Natural Conditioner – Lotus seeds acts as an excellent conditioner to the hair. It is one of the main ingredients used in any hair conditioner products. It shows good results for shiny, bouncy hair and removes split ends.

Hair Volume increases – Apply conditioner containing lotus seeds on your hair can improve elasticity, increases the volume, and strengthen the root. It gives a natural shine to give a healthy feel.

Stops Grey Hair – Lotus seed oil stimulates Melanin synthesis in grey hair. Applying this oil can reduce grey hair considerably. The oil from the seed can retain the original texture of the hair and the color. Try using the oil regularly to prevent the occurrence of grey hair in the early stage.

Has Anti- Inflammatory Property – The flavonoid in lotus seeds have the natural ability to repair the tissue, heals the wound much faster, and also prevents inflammation.

Rejuvenates the skin – The enzyme L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase is present in lotus seeds that help to rejuvenate the skin. It repairs crushed proteins on the skin that results in anti-aging.

Improves Skin Elasticity – Lotus seeds have the hydrating properties that provide necessary moisture to the skin. Regular intake of lotus seed improves skin elasticity. It keeps the skin clear and maintains complexion.

Effective for Dry Skin – Lotus seeds have the ability to instantly hydrate the skin. It used in many skincare products. It used as a treatment for any skin related problems. This works well on dry and flaky skin. The dryness can soon develop wrinkles application of lotus seed on the skin in any form or intake can show better results. It can easily remove dark spots.

As Face Pack – The Vitamin C in lotus and Vitamin A in milk can be mixed together to make a face pack. Lotus seed face pack gives radiance to the skin and reduces dark spots. The milk has lactic acid that regenerates the skin cells faster. Applying this pack can improve blood circulation.

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