Onions are special as a vegetable as well as for their nutritional value. Onions can be seen in every kitchen for their exuberant taste in any food. Raw onions can induce more power than in cooked form. It brings in benefits for your skin with its embedded vitamins and minerals. It can promote radiant, clean, and blemish-free skin. In this article, there are more interesting facts about raw onions to uplift your beauty and health.

Alleviates Dull and Dark Skin – Onion has the property to enhance your dull skin and make it brighter. It is loaded with antioxidant properties that can prevent skin cells from damage. The Sulphur and vitamins aids in restoring your beauty. By consuming raw onion improves blood circulation and replaces glowing skin.

Stops Premature Aging – Your skin should be protected from harmful radiation from the sun, dust, and free radicals. Onions help in preventing premature aging by protecting your skin from external agents and makes it wrinkle-free.

Prevents Dandruff problem – Dandruff can be very well eliminated by onion. The healing and antiseptic property of this vegetable when applied as a hair mask along with yogurt or dried lemon peels can control dandruff.

Reverse Greying of Hair – Onion can replace natural shine and color very effectively. Onion juice added to mustard oil can easily reverse your grey hair.

Healthy and Pouting Lips – To get rid of chapped lips, smear onion juice with vitamin E oil on your lips. Do this process regularly before bed to remove dead skin and gives healthy and pouty lips

Improves Eyesight and Prevents Cataract  – The presence of sulfur, vitamin A, C, and E in onion improves eye vision and prevents cataract formation.

Removes Patchy Skin and Lightens Darkness – Onion when added with turmeric can lighten your skin as well as prevents skin pigmentation. It can easily remove dark and patchy skin effectively with its nutrients.

Combats Acne, Scars, and Skin Infection – The antiseptic qualities of onion helps in fighting infections. The presence of amazing quality can easily ward off acne and scars. The onion can be made into juice and applied to the affected area to fasten the healing process.

Improves Hair Growth – Hair growth is well-taken care of by onion. Do a direct massage with onion on your scalp, it promotes blood circulation in your head and aids hair follicles to grow more hair.

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