Our grandparents believed that being healthy can bring out the real beauty within. The lifestyle followed by our ancestors was very disciplined. Mostly the homemade products, nutritious food kept them healthy and ever young. Nature has given us all wealth and they utilized it in a better way. Never had the access to beauty salon or gym to enhance their beauty and physique. Visiting doctors and the consumption of medicines was considerably less in olden times. This generation has brought more advanced technology along with more ill effects. Here are some tips from your grand parents that work out really for glowing and healthy skin.

Ghee for dry lips – The lips get dry due to the heat generated in our body. It ends up in flaky skin or cracked lips, that looks really odd. Adding ghee in your meal can cool your body as well as keep away flaky skin. The lubricating nature of the ghee can retain moisture in the skin. It contains fat that helps in preventing damage or cut. Ghee can be smeared on your lips often to retain rosy lips.

Add Ghee to your meal  – Instead of oil try adding ghee to your meal to lubricate your skin. It does the healing process much faster and kills the germs. The skin starts to glow on the regular usage of ghee in your food.

Curd for Skin and Hair – Milk and curd are the primary ingredients for any skin treatment. The nutrients can nourish your skin as well as wards off dry skin. Curd is the best hair conditioner, it gives bouncy hair with less hair fall. Milk can also be used for bathing once a week instead of soap to cleanse your skin.

Use Tomato for Skin – The vegetable is packed with nutrition that benefits your skin. To get beautiful and glowy skin, rub the tomato peel on your skin to make it soft. It is best for tanned skin.

Use Flour as face bleach – Mix wheat flour with curd or milk and smear on your face completely leaving the eye area. This can cleanse your skin and brightens the skin complexion

Multani Mitti for Black Hair – To get along and black hair, follow the olden style of using Multani mitti. Use it once in two weeks to clean your scalp and hair. This can replace any hair dye and keeps away the greying of hair.

Make hair oily before wash – Oil can prevent dry scalp and keeps you cool. Apply oil before going to bed. This can prevent hair fall and retains oil in the scalp.

Consume water – Avoid packed drinks or aerated drink and move on to normal water. By drinking ample water can keep your skin healthy and prevents premature aging.

Enough Sleep – Good sleep can make you active during the day also aids in great looks. Follow regular sleeping time to remove dullness in your skin.

Walk barefoot – My pressing our feet on the ground can help in blood flow. Proper blood circulation can lead to healthy skin. Avoid wearing slippers or shoes at home.

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