While we take the utmost care of our skin, we still are a little worried about our mane. We all wish to take good care of hair as equal to our skin. We might have come across several natural ingredients to treat and nourish our hair but then this ingredient would come as an astonishing one. This one would surely turn everyone’s heads towards it as it would be helpful in volumizing and provide shine to our hair. One such ingredient is beer which comes as everyone’s surprise and we could never have imagined what it could do for the hair. So, check out the benefits of beer for the hair.

VOLUMIZES THE HAIR: If you are getting ready for an occasion or even planning to step out, just make sure to rinse your hair with a glass of beer as it would volumize your hair, thereby making it wavy as well as bouncy. This happens naturally because beer would activate the yeast in itself which in turn helps in promoting healthy cuticles of your hair and thus provides volume to the hair.

REMOVES OILY SCALP: Oily scalp is what makes you most annoying, isn’t it? Well, no worries, we have beer to treat this condition. Since beer contains an acidic pH, it would be helpful in removing oily and greasy scalp. Further, it would cease the production of the scalp and alleviates pollutants from it as well.

HELPS IN HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH: As beer is a great source of vitamin B12, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and antioxidants, it could be highly helpful in promoting healthy hair growth. Meanwhile, alcohol is known to increase blood circulation and so it could be helpful in growing up healthy hair strands.

CONDITIONS THE MANE: Did you know this liquid ingredient is amazing in controlling the frizziness of your hair? Could you even believe it? Well, you gotta believe it as beer closes the hair shaft and thus be helpful in controlling the frizziness in the hair. So, you have to simply warm a cup of beer and add a few drops of olive oil into it. Once you apply shampoo and rinse it off and then use this concoction as a conditioner instead of any other chemical product. This would definitely ensure soft locks for you.

HELPS IN CLEANSING: As a good cleansing agent, beer could be highly useful in cleaning your hair naturally. You could use bubble beer along with the mild shampoo and use it for cleaning your hair. Beer is actually great for your scalp as it would keep the oil production in the bay and by using it regularly, you would find the difference in your happy locks.

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