Of course, many of us would have encountered the situation of dropping our favorite makeup pallets or kid to the floor. This would even bring a mini heart attack to us as you would purchase it with much excitement. But then, we would have throw away the broken makeup as we think it would not be useful in any other way. But this is wrong since it could be expensive or highly valuable, you should have to seek other ways for fixing it. So, here are several ideas for fixing your broken makeup items.

COMPACT POWDER: The only thing which could be broken or crushed often while handling is the combat powder. To fix your favorite broken compact powder, you need petroleum jelly or transparent face primer and glass containers. Now, you have to crush the remains of your shattered compact powder in a plate to get the loose powder to even. Also, avoid using the remains that fallen on the floor as it might be exposed to bacteria. Now, mix the loose powder along with a small amount of petroleum jelly or primer and transfer it to the glass container. You would now get a liquid foundation.

EYESHADOW, BRONZER, HIGHLIGHTER, BLUSH: To fix your favorite things, just be ready with the rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer sans beads, paper towel, or cling wrap. You have to crush the remnants as that you did with the compact powder and make it even. Then, you have to add a few drops of rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer to the loose powder and mix it with a spoon until it turns into a paste. Now, spread the paste evenly in the makeup pan and cover it with a paper towel or cling wrap and leave it to dry overnight. When you see it the next day, you would be happy to get a new makeup thing.

LIPSTICK: Things you might need to fix your broken lipstick bullet are 2 zip lock bags, a lighter, Shea butter or cocoa butter, and a microwaveable bowl. As of now, you have to pack both parts of the lipstick in two separate zip lock bags and then freeze them for about 10 minutes. Take out the two broken pieces from the zip lock bags and heat the broken ends with the lighter. Now, fix the two pieces of broken ends together and hold it for a few minutes. Later, freeze the lipstick for about 20 minutes and you would get a new lipstick bullet coming alive.

MASCARA: To fix the dried mascara, you have to put the mascara tube in warm water for a while. Now, you could add a few drops of coconut oil and shake the mascara tube well. This would help you to fix the problem. And make you look amazing with cool eyelashes.

NAIL POLISH: You might have known this method of fixing the dried nail paint. When you add nail polish remover to the nail polish, then it would help you to paint your nails colorfully and beautifully. In case, you do not have a remover, then add alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as it would work the same as the nail polish remover.