Sometimes, you feel like getting a massage to infuse rejuvenation and serenity throughout your body. Even the entire atmosphere would make you comfy and calm inside through the aroma it spreads. However, your skin would get its ultimate love and relaxation through the amazing massage. You could experience slowly how the tension and stress knotted to your body has to release from your body through soothing massage. So, here are the reasons why massages feel great for your body and mind.

AROMAS AWAKEN THE BRAIN: You might have known that many massage professionals would use aromatherapy during the treatment by applying fragrant essential oils to the bare skin. They use various oils that smell too good which in turn would stimulate brain activity. For instance, Lavender is one of the familiar oils which is known to increase relaxation and somnolence whereas grapefruit oil would boost your levels of serotonin, a feel-happy hormone, which makes you feel calm and serene. In fact, you could use essential oils that are your favorite in a bath or add it to your unscented body lotion. When the oil is mixed with the hot water or the heat of your skin, it would escalate the scent.

BOOSTS BODY AWARENESS: When you settle for your massage, you would concentrate on your breathing and you would experience the calmness of mind and all your thoughts would fade away. As you are present at the moment, you would feel the mindfulness which helps regulate emotions as well as body awareness. Mindfulness would activate the areas of your brain which are associated with emotions especially.

EVOKES FEEL-GOOD HORMONE: The massage touch would create a great impact on your brain. When your skin’s nerve cells feel the pressure, it would send a cue to your brain to release feel-good hormones called endorphins. This would in turn help you elevate your mood and suppress the stress hormones called cortisol and adrenaline. And if you are experiencing any pains or aches, then the release of endorphins would fade away the pain signals from the brain. Even the soreness of muscles that you experience after a heavy workout session could be cured faster with help of this soothing touch.

THE ENTIRE BODY FUNCTIONS BETTER: Often, people would experience tension when they worked out of muscles but it would be healed with the help of massage. The pressure provided during the massage process would enhance your circulation of blood and alleviating the cell waste at a much faster rate. While your body is experiencing bliss, your mind would be totally cleared from the chaotic thoughts within a few minutes of the body massage process.

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