Being a real woman is much more than being pretty. Internal features are more important than outward appearance.

Feminine is something that is ultimately unique. People feel like feminine-thing is lost in society. Once being feminine is praised by many and even now it continues to be. When you educate yourself on the art of femininity, you are unknowingly creating the attention. But there is this wrong assumption that being feminine in the present world has not been attractive and effective at all. To hone your feminine side, you just have to channel the charisma and the aura which have to be at their best. In this patriarchal society, women could live their life with their true feminine side. So, you could also do it with little self-awareness and following some simple steps which would transform you into a kind, graceful, and class woman. Feminine is not a new characteristic feature to be instilled but is an inborn thing within you that you just have to hone. So, check out the following ideal ways to be more feminine.

AVOID TOM-BOY THING: You might think that there are many feminine women with plenty of short hair. But it might not suit everyone as you think. On the other hand, letting your hair grow long would be the best thing to bring out the extreme feminine inside you. There are models who have long hair as their way of shining on the ramp which would also be highlighted. So, you could slay the world with strong and long locks.

DOLL UP LIKE A LADY: If you wish to hone your feminine side, then you have to dress like a lady. You gotta stop choosing slim-fit jeans and t-shirts or shirts as well. So, try wearing dresses which bring out the true feminine side of yours.

STOP GOSSIPING OR JUDGING: Do not indulge in gossiping or in harsh judgments. You are a woman and you should not put down another woman. If you do so, you are not damaging the other person but you are spoiling your own image.

LEARN TO BE KIND AND GENTLE: This is one of the effective and best ways to be more feminine. Being kind and gentle would help you to be a better person. If you are kind and gentle towards other humans, it would back to you in unexpected ways.

DO NOT COMPETE WITH OTHERS: In the process of competing with others, you might turn out to be a jealous person which is not one of the feminine qualities. You should never be envious of other people’s success instead you should be happy for their success. And if you work hard, you would get success for sure.

WEAR MAKEUP: While natural beauty is essential, you should also be ready to enhance this natural beauty of yours. This does not mean you have to apply tons and tons of makeup to look stunning. You could have your style of makeup either you like to go light or thick which suits you. No doubt, you are going to slay it your way.

GOTTA HAVE SOME STANDARDS: You have to be picky every time which is one of the important traits a woman could possess. You should never be easy and available to everyone and learn to say no to certain things that you feel you do not want to do. You have to be a whole lady when a guy approaches you by letting him chase and shower things that you deserve and not before that. It is all about your standards that work here and it is a good way to filter out the guys who actually want to use you. So, be picky and stick to your standards all the time.