Have you ever tried facial massaging at home? Ever thought beyond the massages? How are they helpful to you? Well, here are the answers to the questions. A facial massage is a better way to rejuvenate and relax your facial skin and muscles. What if you could benefit from the facial massages without spending much money? So, treat yourself at home by practicing the following steps.

NOTE: You have to clean your face before starting your facial massage and pick any oil that suits your skin for the massage or any moisturizer.


FOREHEAD MASSAGE: All you have to do is to place your knuckles on your forehead exactly between your eyebrows. Now, gently move them up towards the hairline and then sideways towards your temples. You have to do this in a scraping motion and repeat it five times.

THE CHEEKS MASSAGE: When it comes to your cheeks, you have to follow the same method by placing your knuckles on your cheeks which is near the nose bridge. Then, wipe it gently across your cheeks and towards the ears and repeat the movement five times.

EYE MASSAGE: Now, place the tips of your middle and index fingers on your temples and glide the fingers under your eye area and towards the nose bridge. When you glide it over the eyebrows, just come back again under the eye area and it gives an oval path. Now, repeat it five times.

CHIN MASSAGE: Now, place your knuckles on your chin in which the jawline rests between the knuckles. Then, gently pull the knuckles upward which could be along the jawline, toward your ears. Now, repeat it five times.

NECK MASSAGE: Similarly, place the knuckles right under the chin and pull them downwards gently towards the collarbone. Now, repeat the movements by moving the knuckles along the jawline and pulling them down to the collarbone.

OUTLINE FACE MASSAGE: Place the knuckles between your eyebrows and move it upwards along the hairline and towards the temples. Later, bring it down to the side of your face which includes your jawline.

When you are done with all the following steps, you could now place the palm of your hands on your face and feel relaxed.

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