When life gives you tomatoes, make the most out of it. We often use tomatoes in cooking different dishes but many of us would not even look beyond the tomatoes and its benefits. Well, tomatoes are known to be an anti-aging food that must be added to your diet. It would thus help you in maintaining healthy skin, averting age-related diseases such as osteoporosis, and avert cancer too. With its several health benefits, tomatoes are recognized less by the people. So, here are the healthy reasons to add this reddish juicy tomato to your diet.

PROFFERS YOUNGER LOOK: The gifted nutrient of tomato is helpful in strengthening the skin, thereby infusing the activity of collagenases. These are the enzymes helpful in breaking down collagen in the skin, and the collagen in turn would be helpful in firmness as well as elasticity of your skin. It would avert wrinkles as well.

PROVIDES HEALTHY TEETH AND GUMS: With the presence of lycopene, tomatoes are great in providing healthy teeth and gums. It has even contained antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which could thus be helpful in aiding tooth and gum health as well.

PREVENTS CHRONIC DISEASES: Studies have proved that people with high levels of nutrients especially present in tomatoes would be helpful in lowering the risk of chronic diseases. So, add tomatoes to your diet.

CEASES TOXINS: With its lycopene supply, tomatoes are helpful in protecting your body from toxins or fight against the effects of toxins in your body. Toxins, especially aflatoxins and cadmium found in cigarette smoke, second-hand smoke, and air pollution. These toxins would be prevented by the nutrients present in the tomatoes.

AVERTS CANCER: Most types of cancer could be lowered with the increased healthy consumption of tomatoes. Even though the studies exhibited that it is due to the presence of lycopene, other nutrients present in the tomatoes would do a greater job.

ENHANCES HEART’S HEALTH: Did you know the presence of lycopene in tomatoes would be helpful in heart’s health? Well, you could see heart disease is often associated with poor diet and aging. Increased lycopene consumption would be helpful in enhancing heart health. Just try to add tomatoes to your daily diet.