~The customizable lens ensures high image stability with fine aesthetics~

Titan Eye+ introduces its best-in-class progressive lens “Titan Ultima” which is engineered to precision. The much-trusted brand, known for fusing expertise, utility, and design in all of its products, launched its latest innovation in the lens category after fog-free, ClearSight, and Neo-Progressive lenses. Titan Ultima Progressive Lenses provide a clear and stable vision for active presbyopes, even when they are engaged in highly dynamic activities. 

The core of any prescription eyewear is the sharpness of vision provided by the lens but unfortunately, even the most seasoned consumer misses it. With expertise and empathy as the core ethos of Titan Eye+, the brand has been constantly re-imaging lenses that help consumers with the perfect vision. Titan Ultima is a made-in-India innovation manufactured at the Titan Lens Lab in Chikkaballapur, Bengaluru,that offers ultimate comfort and can be personalized to the wearer’s versatile lifestyle.

Introducing the advanced progressive lens Mr. Saumen Bhaumik, CEO, EyeCare Division, Titan Company Limited adds, At Titan Eye+, everything that we do, whether product innovation or optometry embodies the spirit that we are the expert who genuinely cares for our customers. Titan Ultima our “most progressive” progressive lens thus far is another demonstration of this very commitment to bring the best of innovation & tech for superlative vision quality. Ultima comes power-packed with three technologies resulting in high image stability by reducing distortions, flatter, and thinner lenses and also personalized as per the wearer’s lifestyle. A made-in-India product – these lenses come as a blessing for seasoned progressive users by providing an exceptional solution that enables them to have clear vision at all distances.”

Loaded with features, Titan Ultima is available at all Titan Eyeplus stores starting at INR 51,999/-

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