When monsoon enters with its downpour and cloudy weather, it would be the best season of the entire year. Unlike other seasons of the year, this is the only season which brings the childish joy and even brings back the memories of our childhood days. Everything seems to be beautiful along with the blissful raindrops, cloudy weather, windy atmosphere, and magic it creates naturally. However, this year’s monsoon would be different than the other years. Well, you gotta stay safe at home and look after your health which is essential at this pandemic situation. So, you do not want to feel low that you have to stay indoors. You could still enjoy the weather by indulging in different activities such as reading books to dancing in rain or playing with rain as nature would never cease to amuse us. At times, your home would comfort you with better natural scenarios.

REFRESH YOURSELF WITH A CUP OF TEA AND HOT SNACKS: Most of us would like to munch on hot snacks and beverages during the monsoons. This would help you, people, to get the most out of the weather. Try to prepare hot pakoras with different ingredients and a cup of tea of coffee which would bring the amazing feel during the chill weather out there. What else could make you feel intensely blessed to enjoy the weather? A sip and a bite could worth it all!

ENJOY A MOVIE BY COMFORTING YOURSELF NEAR THE WINDOW: Play some pleasant movies or your favorite ones which would you feel comfy with the rains. When it is cloudy-rainy weather outside, who would not love to binge-watch movies or Netflix? Well, you could choose old movies and rom-com films which perfectly suit the environment as would proffer you the better relaxation.

PLAY WITH PAPER BOATS: When you are staying at home, you could still enjoy the rain by playing with paper boats which bring back all your childhood memories. Go to the trace or front of the house if you have enough place to play with the water boat which would be the best thing to do. You never have an idea where the merriment comes whether the rain brings it or the paper boat instills it. You would wonder to get the answer naturally coz rain and paper boats are something which could not be separated.

INDULGE IN A RAINY FOOTBALL GAME: You could still have fun outside by playing football with your family members or sibling which would motivate you to win. Most people would love doing it as it is more enjoyable than normal days. Nothing could be matched with the falling and laughing of the people in the rain in the joy which would be the happiest thing to be cherished. Laugh with each drop of rain!

CAPTURE THE DIVINE DOWNPOUR: Well, photography is a very famous activity which makes people capture and seize the moment forever. It would also be infused with the number of stories and histories to narrate. What are you waiting for? Its almost monsoon season and so bring your camera out to capture the divine rainy drops which proffer you stupendous things to capture. You could capture the dewdrops of the plants, rainy drops touching the ground, or the children playing the raindrops or a person holding a colorful umbrella. Experience the maximum of nature!

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