The upcoming New Year’s Eve would be ultimately different when compared to last year’s celebration. Even though if you are missing out on the crazy nights in the town or city due to a pandemic situation, you have other stunning ideas that would help you get the vibe. Considering the social distancing, there would not be any night out celebration or people throng to a particular public spot to dance and shout wildly in excitement to welcome the first day of the NEW YEAR. As of now, you gotta respect and obey the government rules and welcome the New Year with much excitement and merriment along with your loved ones. Although the past year 2020 has been tough for your deal, you still have many things to be grateful for. With lots of fun and joy, you could celebrate and screen up the year (2021) when the clock strikes 12. So, here are some quarantine New Year’s Eve ideas to incorporate make it a blast.

EMBELLISH THE HOME FOR 2021: What’s a celebration without a glittery decoration? Well, you could bring the festive mood with these glittery vibes. You could simply blow some colorful balloons or 2021 balloons which would be a great backdrop if you wish to click some amazing pictures. On the other hand, you could also prepare decorative items with the help of some art and craft vlogs.

MAKE FUN PROPS: Why not? You could buy some stunning props and even DIY it. You could have a lovely photo-shoot with your friends or family. If you decide to make one, you could simply tape silver or gold wrapping paper to the wall, especially in front of a window which would provide you some beautiful natural and colorful light.

PREPARE A FESTIVE DINNER: The perfect way to welcome the first midnight of the upcoming year is to prepare some yummy and satiating dinner that would satisfy both your soul and tummy. Home preparation is good all the way to enjoy the perfect day instead of going out for a dinner.

MAKE SOME DELECTABLE DESSERT: Well, This New Year’s Eve would be the perfect time to celebrate with some sweet treats after a year like 2020. So, check out some dessert recipes and try them out in your home or have it on the morning of 1st January 2021. You deserve some luscious sweetness after facing every situation of the year 2020. Eat and share with your neighbors.

GET READY FOR THE BLAST: As you are staying at home, it does not mean you should not get dressed up or staying on your night dresses. But then, get dressed up like you do while you are partying. Now, you could get that exact vibe of the last year. While you are dressed up for New Year’s Eve, you could take some time for those crazy movements for your favorite music with your friends and family at your home. And what not? You could shout “HAPPY NEW YEAR” while the clock strikes 12 and sing your heart out.

PLAY TREASURE HUNTS: Celebration is incomplete without playing some interesting games. If you invited your friends to your home or if you have kids, you could plan for a treasure hunt game which would be interesting. This would add lots of fun to your New Year’s Eve.